89 Billion Business Emails!

89 Billion Business emails! Seriously? So according to a 2012 study by the Radicati Group, “Most of the world’s email traffic comes from the corporate world. In 2012, the number of businesses emails sent and received per day total 89 billion. This figure is expected to grow at an average annual rate of 13% over […]

8 grunde til at vælge Xink til email signatur management

There are many reasons to choose Xink as your email signature management solution. From brand consistency and compliance, all the way to creating a new marketing channel for quality traffic and conversions, there’s tremendous upside to leveraging your company’s most widely used communication method (email) to drive marketing value.

Companies Doing Content Marketing Right

We already know that consistently creating great content is one of the best forms of marketing. To help you internalize how great content can build brands and do so in interesting ways, we highlighted a few companies that are producing all types of content to generate results.