19 Tools To Increase Your Email Marketing Performance

Email is one of the few marketing channels that has been around practically since the inception of the internet because it continues to adapt at a rapid pace. The people who run effective email campaigns do so, in large part, because they understand these fundamental changes and can give their readers what they want. We looked at 19 tools that we felt are game changers for email marketing.

What Might Be Missing from Your Rebranding Checklist?

Going thru a corporate re-brand is not for the faint of heart. There are literally hundreds of things to consider and account for. It makes planning a wedding look like piece of cake (horrible pun intended). Even if you’ve done it 100 times before (which would be crazy to think about) – there’s probably one item on your rebranding checklist which gets overlooked – the email signature template.

The Sales Tools Every Sales Person Should Ask For, Now!

The Sales Tools Every Sales Person Should Ask For, Now! I “grew up” as a product marketer in the earlier part of my career, across a wide range of industries – security, email, infrastructure, open source, security again and collaboration – supporting every type of sales team – inside, outside, field sales, channel sales, telesales, […]

Consistency is the Key Component of Any Brand Strategy

The great Al Ries recently penned an article which looked at the challenges, missteps and opportunities in creating multi-brand families. It’s clear that only the strongest of organizations can support multiple brands in their portfolio and it all starts with one word: consistency.

How Non Profits Can Increase Marketing Reach

Non profit organizations are often on the lookout for marketing tactics that can increase their reach in a cost-effective manner. One of our customers, Canadian Red Cross, uses Xink every day to help them drive awareness, support and most important, donations.

Email Marketing Strategy You Might Be Forgetting

When companies use email marketing, they usually focus on sending out blast or mass emails to everyone who has signed up for their email list. Many businesses, however, overlook the 1:1 effective email marketing strategy. One of the best practices in email marketing, the 1:1 format focuses on building a Rolodex of personal connections for […]

Mac Email Signatures – Legitimize Macs in the Workplace!

Mac Email Signatures – Legitimize Macs in the Workplace! You don’t have to feel e-naked (or is it iNaked?) anymore when wearing a Mac! Just a few years back, if you were using a Macbook in a coffee shop or library, everyone would have assumed “graphic designer” or “pays a heavy premium for aesthetics”. There […]

Event Marketing and the Email Signature Block

Event marketing is a tough nut to crack. You’re often dealing with different regions, supporting different sales teams and working against finite time schedules to make sure you are driving attendance. If you remember to leverage your email signature as part of the process, you can see a greater impact and attendance at those shows.