A Quick Xink Security Lesson

As a Saas company, one of the frequent questions we get from prospects and customers has to do with how secure our hosting environment is. While your email signature might not carry the same weight as your company’s financials, we treat them as if they did. So, we decided to do a quick write up on how we approach security at Xink.

How to Offset the Decline of Email Deliverability

The team at Return Path published the most recent of their always-insightful deliverability reports. No surprise, email marketing deliverability continues to struggle. There is a way that marketers can hedge that decline- the email signature.

How Are Law Firms Tackling Email Signature Compliance?

We’ve had literally hundreds of conversations with law firms over the last few months. What we’re finding is that too often, law firms under-invest in ensuring email signature compliance and brand consistency of their staff email signatures. Examples included!

What’s In Your Email Signature & Why? Some Email Signature Examples

We decided to ask a number of executives from various backgrounds, companies, industries and so forth to see how they’re utilizing one of the most under-leveraged marketing channels available: email signatures. So let’s take a look at some email signature examples from the pro’s.

Email Branding – Using Your Email Signature to Build Your Brand

Email Branding – Using Your Email Signature to Build Your Brand Your brand strategy is one of the most important parts of growing your business. There are many things you can do to effectively create and distribute your brand message, but one important piece of the brand strategy that is often overlooked is the email branding via […]