Add Some Personality to Your Gmail Email Signatures!

As a business owner, project manager, or industry professional, you probably feel confined when it comes to what you include in your email signature. In fact, it’s become commonplace for all email signatures to follow something of the same formula: name, email address, website address, and perhaps a phone number and a LinkedIn address. And […]

Is There Such a Thing as a Perfect Email Signature?

Does the Perfect Email Signature Exist? When it comes to designing the perfect email signature, there are many questions that must be answered: What’s more important, the design or the content? Is a perfect email signature one that is universally formatted, or one that places aesthetics and calls-to-action above all else? How will your email […]

Reflections on “Future Emails” – They Aren’t Going Anywhere!

Your Future Emails Aren’t Going Anywhere! Here in the summer heat I have read quite a few blog posts about the future of emails, and a lot of people seems to be able to put it into the grave already next year. I felt like I wanted to come with my contribution as well about […]