How to Change Signature in Outlook

Your Outlook signature is either a sign of your professionalism or a lack there of. Yet, for such an important thing, there are so many people still asking how to change a signature in Outlook. Today we set out to answer that question and to explain how to create a signature in Outlook across an […]

Xink’s Marketing Tool: A Marketing and IT Romance

IT Ain’t Easy, But Someone’s Got to Do It! That is a thought shared by many of the people in information technology. When an entire local area network is up and running, smoothly and without error, you receive little to zero credit. After all, ensuring that things work is simply part of your job description, […]

Email Compliance is a Breeze… with the Right Tools

Email compliance is important for a number of reasons. Perhaps most importantly, because your industry or profession may be regulated or governed by laws and regulations which your company is required to adhere to. If you fall afoul of these regulations or fail to comply in some manner, you could potentially leave yourself or your […]