4 Simple Steps to Generate a Business Email Signature

If you haven’t yet used our email signature generator, you’re missing out! In four simple steps, you can design a completely custom business email signature for use in your outbound email communication, or with our Xink email signature management platform. Here’s how it works. Step 1: Choose Your Template We have pre-loaded our email signature generator […]

Signatures for Office 365 with Xink – The Ultimate Guide

Managing signatures for Office 365 can be complex and needlessly tiresome – but we have made it easy. The purpose of this blog post is to demystify some of the common questions relating to creating and using email signatures for Office 365. Let’s start by illustrating some of key ways to install, use, and leverage Xink: […]

Xink Releases Full Integration with G Suite Global Directory

Xink fully supports – and integrates with – your G Suite Directory. This means that all user information, including names and email addresses, will be automatically replicated and transferred over to Xink. This allows you to seamlessly leverage your existing database information in our email signature management program.   When you add new users to your G […]

5 Things That Make the Best Email Signature

What Is the Best Email Signature? It’s a good question. And the answer will be different for everyone, just like design opinions differ from person to person. Some like orange while others like green. With that being said, there are some best practices you should be following to create the best email signature. Approach email signature design with these […]