6 Scary Facts about Email Signatures!

Halloween is here, which means it’s the perfect time to celebrate ghosts, goblins, ghouls, and the macabre! But did you know there may be a monster lurking in your very own email? It’s true! Here are six very true, very scary facts about email signatures. Turn back now before it’s too late! 1. They haunt […]

Stripe OLT: How Xink Email Signature Management Helped Our Clients

Stripe OLT, a UK-based IT managed service provider,¬†contributes with this month’s guest blog on xink.io.   How did Xink signature management help our clients? By Tom Robbins, Stripe OLT¬† – guest blogger for xink.io   One of our core values at Stripe OLT is striving to help our clients grow. Therefore, we are constantly looking […]

Departmental Email Signatures with Xink

Departmental Email Signatures – Let your departments have their own brand and marketing campaigns! It is often a wish in larger companies to have each department control their own email signatures. So while it is nice to have all email signatures controlled from one place with Xink, you can also take it one step further. […]

Why Xink is an ‘Email Signature Platform’ and Not Just a Product

Xink – An ‘Email Signature Platform’ What do we mean when we say that Xink is an email signature platform? Why don’t we just call it an email signature product? To make it clearer, let me define the word ‘product’ versus ‘platform’. This is of course my interpretation and not a universal description of ‘product’ […]

Smartphone, Desktop or Tablet? Where do you Check Your Work Emails?

Smartphone, Desktop or Tablet? Where do you Check Your Work Emails? If you prefer to check your work emails on your desktop computer and your personal emails on your smartphone, then you fall right into the trend behavior of how most people prefer to check their inboxes. While desktop is still the preferred device to […]