Xink at a Glance: Your Guided Tour of the Platform

Xink is an incredibly powerful platform for email signature management and marketing. Dare we say it, it’s also incredibly easy to use, thanks to an intuitive interface and user-friendly dashboard. Whether you want to create a new email signature, add employees to the system, or set up a fully automated email signature marketing campaign, Xink […]

Gaining Individual Control in Xink

  With Xink, individual control is the name of the game. This extends not only to your administrators, but to an extent, your users as well. Though our goal is to simplify email signature management, we understand that in many cases, you can’t simply push one email to all users. That is why we let […]

20 Fast Facts on Email Signatures

Your corporate email signature is so much more powerful than you realize. Not only is your company email signature a representation of you as an employee, but it serves as a brand ambassador for your entire organization. For these reasons and more, you should be putting real thought into how best to use this space […]