How to Use Role-Based Login with Xink

If you use e.g. Office 365 or G Suite within your organization, you know that not everyone is granted the same access. Some people are designated administrators. Others have only the access and permissions they need. It makes sense to do things this way, of course. Not only do access permissions and role-based login help […]

How to Protect Your Office 365 Emails With Verification

How can you know if the emails you receive are from a real sender, and not from fraudulent attempts? Today, the key to protecting your emails and your domain from spoofing and phishing attacks is to use email verification. As an Office 365 user, you can enable DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) to digitally sign outgoing […]

Add SPF Records to Protect Your Office 365 Email Account

A good way to prevent your emails from being flagged as spam is to add SPF records to your domain. This will also help reduce attempts by spammers to spoof your domain. So if you use Office 365, take a quick look at how to secure your domain.   How do I add SPF records […]

Xink for Office 365 – What Do Our Customers Say?

We could tell you all the awesome benefits of choosing Xink for Office 365 email signature management. But today we’d like to give the word to our customers!¬†Some of them have been with us for more than a decade. Others have only just started using Xink. In collaboration with the leading business software review platform […]