Promote Black Week in the Email Signature

It’s Black Week and the holiday season has now officially been kickstarted! It’s a busy time of year for many marketers. Emails are still one of the preferred marketing channels both among customers and companies. So when you send out your emails, remember to promote Black Week in the email signature, as well as the […]

Product Review Link in Email Signature

Reviews can do wonders for your business. They can help build your reputation, boost credibility, and they can also help improve your SEO! So why not ask for a review in the email signature? Include a product review link, a Google My Business (GMB) review link, or a review platform of your choice. It’s a […]

Email Signature Survey for Customer Satisfaction

Ratings and surveys are important tools for businesses to get customer feedback. But what is a good way to reach out without being a pain? There is a great and simple way to get quick feedback from customers, and it’s very straight-forward. Let the everyday emails help generate it for you by including a customer […]