Best Email Signature Design – Ask the Experts

Best Email Signature Design – Ask the Experts


Xink introduces a new service called “Ask the Experts” where companies can get advice on how to improve their business email signatures. Xink’s design experts will offer a quality assessment of the email signature along with suggestions on how to improve the content, design, functionalities, marketing features, etc. All you have to do is book an online 1:1 meeting with us to find out how to achieve the best email signature design for your business. The service is FREE.

Give Your Email Signatures A Check-Up

You may think your company’s email signatures look fine as is. The company logo is there. The personal details are there. But there might be some hidden opportunities or technical issues that you haven’t thought of. This is the reason why a quick email signature check-up with Xink’s experts could prove valuable to you and your business.

After all, we have seen everything that can possibly go wrong – or right – when it comes to email signatures during our more than 10 years in the industry. And if your email signature is just perfect already? Well, then the reassurance and acknowledgment of your great work will cost you nothing but a few minutes of your time! Wouldn’t it be cool to have the best email signature design  – perhaps even with only a few adjustments?

How Does the Assessment Work?

When we assess and review your current company email signature, we look at the following elements:

  • Design, visual appearance and brand perception

We go over the quality of the graphical elements (if any) and review how the design supports the company’s visual identity on other channels. We also assess how visual elements are built into the design and if any red X’s occur across different email clients and platforms.

  • Quality of information

The personal details need to be clear and easy to read. We go over if all the basic (expected) contact information is there and if it is accurate and up-to-date. We also look at information overload, for instance, if you have put in too many links or contact options.

  • Marketing and Call-to-Actions (CTA)

Does the email signature carry any marketing banners, CTAs or social media links? We review the marketing content in the signature and how it is displayed across devices (mobile, tablet, desktop). We assess if the call-to-actions seem strong and engaging, and we check if all links work and have tracking to measure the effect.

After the assessment of the relevant elements, we calculate your email signature’s brand score on a scale from 0-5. Now you’re ready to start creating the best email signature design for your business!

Central Control of Email Signatures and Consistent Design

When you have the assessment report and brand score, you will have our expert advice on how to get the best email signature design. You can also arrange a free demonstration of the Xink email signature platform and discover the advantages of central management of email signatures.

Central management will not only ensure that all your email signatures are updated around the clock without manual interaction. You will also obtain consistency across all email clients and devices. This is an issue that is often overlooked. But, in reality, how can you know if your email signature looks consistent and professional in all inboxes and on all devices? It definitely takes a lot of testing to get right! Xink takes the guesswork out of the job. The platform also has design templates to choose from if you want to build your email signature from scratch.

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