What Is the Best Email Signature?

It’s a good question.

And the answer will be different for everyone, just like design opinions differ from person to person. Some like orange while others like green. With that being said, there are some best practices you should be following to create the best email signature. Approach email signature design with these concepts in mind, and you’re bound to create a bunch of “good” email signatures. And the best one from that bunch is bound to be close to the best email signature possible!

There aren’t hard and fast rules, but they are recommendations based on two decades of experience with email signature design and marketing, and distributing them through signature software. If you want the best email signature possible, one that is effective, informative, and engaging, you can’t go wrong following these five tips. Consider them rules of thumb; they may not apply to every situation, but they’re broadly accurate and offer a good starting point. Whether you end up with the best email signature or just a “good” email signature ultimately comes down to how you rate it!


1. Don’t Shy Away from Images

We’re not saying your email signature should look like a coloring book but don’t believe those that tell you your signature will end up in spam if you add an image. A properly formatted image or logo will not only look great, it can help solidify brand equity to your recipient. The best email signature contains an image or two (or more), such as your company logo and a picture of yourself. Here is an example:

2. Keep it Simple

There’s no need to provide every single piece of contact information in your email signature. We’ve seen folks with 3 different phone numbers, multiple fax numbers, a full mailing address, personal and business email addresses, and social links in their signatures – such excess probably isn’t necessary. The best email signature contains just enough information to make the recipient happy: don’t overload him or her with information. Remember, don’t take too much focus away from the main purpose of the email.

3. Don’t Forget Mobile Devices

The best email signature will look as good on mobile devices as it does on desktop. In fact, most of your email opens will likely occur on mobile devices, so be sure to keep this in consideration when developing your email signature. The good news is that Xink can help here. As a general rule of thumb, try to stay below 320 px in width and 650 px in height to ensure the best email signature possible.

With Xink you can see the email prior to hitting “send,” which helps ensure the signature is formatted correctly. Additionally, Xink’s analytics provide device-specific statistics on your email opens. This way, you can use statistics to find out how to improve your email signature to make it not just good but the best email signature possible.

Email Signature Example

4. Include Your Company’s Social Icons

An easy way to boost your company’s social media presence is by adding the logos of your social accounts to your email signature. The best email signatures encourage engagement and action on the part of the recipient; don’t leave your readers with nothing to do when they get to the end of your message. Point them someplace else. Your social media accounts are a good place to start. Here is an example on how to discretely add social links below an image. In doing so, you are helping transform an email signature from being merely good into being the best email signature it can be.

5. Create a Separate Signature for Replies

You don’t want your primary email signature to display every time that you hit the “reply” button. Remember, when you reply to someone, you are communicating with someone who has already seen your email signature. For this reason, consider creating a pared down version that includes just basic info. Good email signatures are tailored, to a degree at least, to the user’s needs and preferences. Don’t overwhelm regular contacts with extraneous info. Call it the ‘best email signature for replies’.

Keep enjoying sending emails!