BYOD and Email Signatures – How Does it Work?

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) phenomenon has transformed the way that people work. There are now no barriers to when, where, or how people can send emails, check the progress of a project task, or stay informed on work issues. Though this is proving to be tremendously beneficial for businesses in nearly all industries, it does pose a number of challenges which must be overcome.

One of the most simple is that most emails sent from iPhones and Androids contain their own email signature. This is great if you want to tell people that you’re on the run (or simply brag about the phone that you have), but what if you’re sending an email from your business account while on the run? How can you ensure that the email signature from your device matches that from your desktop? How can you ensure that your mobile email signature features proper branding? Xink is the answer.

Email Rerouting – One Solution

Our email rerouting application came about as a result of the difficulty people experience attempting to set up custom (and branded) email signatures on iPhones, Androids, and Windows phones. This solution is an email rerouting option that can be used in addition to our other services to ensure greater consistency of email signature messaging across delivery platforms.


We may be biased, of course, but we believe that the solution is quite ingenious! And that is because not only do we support native email applications, including Outlook for Windows and Mac, but we let you keep things the way that you want them. In cases where it’s not possible to see your email signature while composing an email (read: iPhones, Androids, and Windows phones’ native apps), you can simply reroute your emails through our regional servers. By doing so, we can ensure that your branding, signature messaging, and other primary components are in place and visible – regardless of which app you used or what device you sent the email from.

Best of all? Our Xink email rerouting app is designed to work from the word “go.” It’s really quite simple.

Are There ANY Mobile Email Apps that Support Email Signatures?

Frustratingly, the answer is “yes” and “no.” To be forthright and upfront, the majority of mobile email applications do not support custom, branded signatures. Most all of them come with a default signature (e.g., “Sent from my iPhone”) which can only be changed in the phone’s settings. Even then, you typically are only able to change the signature to read something else – you can’t add images, for example. This can be incredibly frustrating for business men and women who are constantly on the move and operating from their devices. There are a couple of mobile apps that are better than nothing though.

The Gmail mobile app doesn’t enable you to see the signature when you’re composing an email on your mobile device, but it will send the email with your standard Gmail signature attached to it. Thus, if your work email address is set up through Gmail and that email account includes a custom, branded signature, then emails sent from your device (so long as they’re sent from the Gmail app; they can’t be sent from your phone’s native application) will also include this signature. Better than nothing, right? Plus, a lot of us have Gmail accounts, so simply download the Gmail app and use that instead of your phone’s native app.

The OWA for Office365 app also enables signatures to be attached to emails sent from your mobile device. The catch is that these signatures are plain text versions of your desktop signature. Thus, any imagery or styling elements won’t be carried over. For some people, this might not be a big deal, but if your desktop email signature contains a corporate logo, banner promotion, or other image, then you’re out of luck – OWA for Office365 doesn’t support these file types. Again, better than nothing but hardly ideal.

What is Your Best Option for a BYOD Work Environment?

In nearly all cases, you’ll want to rely on Xink’s Email Rerouting solution for management and control of mobile email signatures. Which means you should take advantage of this application today, as BYOD isn’t going anywhere! Get ahead of the curve!