What’s in your email signature & why?

We decided to ask a number of executives from various backgrounds, companies, industries and so forth to see how they’re utilizing one of the most under-leveraged marketing channels available: email signatures. So let’s take a look at some email signature examples from the pro’s.

Noah Kagan, Chief Sumo at AppSumo & SumoMe

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Noah said his signature drives about 700 new signups to his newsletter, and considering he’s just using an asset that would otherwise go to waste and doesn’t cost him anything, that’s not half bad. Now, he uses his email signature space to drive more downloads to SumoMe, a suite of free tools built to help bloggers build their readership.

Neil Patel, founder of KISSMetrics, CrazyEgg and QuickSprout

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While Neil said his email signature is more so for entertainment & branding purposes, it also provides him the ability to answer emails at scale without coming off the wrong way, which can happen easily through email. He clearly states that he apologizes in advances for the brevity of his replies, and as the co-founder of 2 quickly growing startups and a very active blog, we can only imagine what Neil’s schedule looks like. The fact that he even replies to cold emails is telling about his personality and how much he cares about his community. In addition, we all get emails and most of us have email signatures, so why not infuse some humor to help stand out? Neil’s signature is reflective of his personality and it does a great job of cutting through the clutter.

Chris Rodriguez, CMO, numberFire

Chris’ signature is mostly around taking advantage of the space given to him and ranking his CTAs in order of importance, which is a great way to structure it.

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 11.51.58 PM

Matthew Bellows, CEO, Yesware

Email signature examples

Matthew does an amazing job to not just display his contact info or site information but to also provide real context about Yesware’s value proposition, which is to give sales teams better insights into what is working and what is not while streamlining the process, through two great video testimonials from AdRoll and Gooddata which are both satisfied Yesware customers.

Sean Black, Founder & CEO of Crunched (acq’d by ClearSlide)

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This was taken from Mattan Griffel’s post which featured Sean’s email signature as an incredibly effective way to market Crunched. His signature plays off of HotMail’s famed ‘p.s. I Love You. Get Your Free Email at Hotmail’ which was appended at the bottom of every email sent by early Hotmail adopters in the mid 90’s, which exponentially drove user adoption as was an early version of building distribution into your product, what many nowadays call growth hacking.

Tarek Pertew, Co-Founder & COO of Uncubed

Uncubed runs events and creates content that help people improve their skills and job prospects at forward-thinking companies and startups that value a strong culture within their company. In order to effectively promote their events and distribute their content, they rely heavily on email, which is why Tarek’s signature is so effective. It has two CTAs: opt-in to their daily email on tech and startups (which we highly recommend for insights and a daily laugh) and another CTA to attend upcoming events that they have in various cities throughout the world.

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Laura Michela, Visual Communications Designer at Winshuttle

Email signature examples

Laura and Winshuttle do an excellent job at promoting their user group conference event through their visual email signature, which drives awareness and sign ups to their upcoming event in Fort Wort, TX.

Ryan Harwood, CEO at PureWow

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 10.04.29 PM

PureWow is a leading women’s lifestyle digital publication. Ryan, who’s the CEO, conveys PureWow’s accomplishments and credibility through his signature by stating how they’re a top 100 site for women by Forbes, his interview on Bloomberg TV, and their accolade as a Forbes 2014 most promising company.

Getting the attention of consumers is something every marketer has always prioritized, but now more than ever, it’s increasingly more difficult since people’s attention spans are dropping and traditional advertising is becoming less effective.

In order to capture individuals’ attention, we need to first provide value and then get them to take a desired action that grants you permission to continue the conversation. The most effective ways we’ve seen marketers do this through their email signature is to simply provide a bit about your company and offer an easy way for people to opt-in to your newsletter, social channels, event or even an exclusive offer such as a discount if it fits within your goals and image. Hopefully these email signature examples have given you something to think about.

An email signature should:

It’s a simple way to take advantage of peer-to-peer emails that turns a ‘necessary evil’ in answering a seemingly never ending inbox of emails into a value function.

So, what’s in your email signature and why? How has it benefited you? Let us know in the comments, we’ll even post an update to this post with some of the examples provided!