As we continue to go through and answer all your burning questions, we get a lot of questions regarding your Outlook signature–it’s our most popular email service integration–so we thought we’d put a bunch of your questions into one place here.

What is that dam Red X in my Outlook signature?

red-x-outlook-signatureWe take this question particularly seriously because we pride ourselves in being the slasher of Xs, making sure your image appears in your email signature. Still, sometimes things go wrong, and we’re here to help you make it right.

Most often, this happens when you have updated email signatures in Outlook 2013–recipients may not see the image or logo, but instead, a Red X shows up in the recipient’s inbox. Close Outlook and reopen it. This will enable your image or logo to be shown again in the recipient’s inbox with no need to insert the image again or make changes to your design.

The Devil’s X may also be appearing simply because you need to update your Xink. All you have to do is, with Outlook still open, click on your Xink app, then “Update Now,” and wait for the confirmation popup. When you click “New Email”, you should see the full signature. If you still see the Ugly X, restart Outlook, and now it works!.

But why does my signature in Outlook have an empty box for an image?

If you have a blank box instead of the graphic or image wanted, you probably have Show picture placeholders enabled (a feature for slow Internet connections). You can unclick this when you are in the Compose Email window. If you have Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2013, click File > Options > Mail > Editor Options in a New Email. When you select Advanced, scroll down and uncheck “Show Picture Placeholders” > OK. Voila!


Where did my Outlook email signature update go?

For Xink, we have the following automatic updates:

If your Desktop has hibernated or gone to sleep, this time starts when you wake it up.

How can I overcome Outlook signature character limits?

First, remember the KISS Rule: Keep it simple, stupid. First, while Outlook is unlimited, OWA Outlook for Web has an 8KB limit. If your OWA signature looks incomplete, that’s because you got cut off. Really, that should be enough, but if you have a little more to say, no worries, Xink to the rescue to help you overcome the system.

Why does my Outlook signature look so jumbo?

Like Alice’s Drink Me potion, in Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, and Outlook 2013, it can seem like your logo and/or signature gets bigger and bigger with each reply.  But don’t worry, it’s not. The default Display Size in Windows is not 100 percent but rather 125 or even 150 percent–no wonder! You’ve got to either get used to seeing these falsely giant email signature images in your inbox, or you can set your Windows back to 100 percent by following these steps. Either way, this is an illusion, not a reality.

What other small ways can we make sure your Outlook signature looks great all the time? Tell us below!