When companies use email marketing, they usually focus on sending out blast or mass emails to everyone who has signed up for their email list. Many businesses, however, overlook the 1:1 effective email marketing strategy. One of the best practices in email marketing, the 1:1 format focuses on building a Rolodex of personal connections for your business.

Before the rise of computers, smartphones and tablets, secretaries would keep a little paper Rolodex full of contacts for the business. This included partnered businesses, competitors, vendors, customers, and more. With email software, all businesses store all of their contacts in a virtual address book. This makes it easy to focus on 1:1 marketing strategies. 1:1 emails can include:

The most beneficial tool for 1:1 emails in your toolbox are going to be the email signature. The email signature provides a lot of options for engaging and communicating with your customers, prospects and partners, far beyond just listing out your contact information.

Email Signature

Why should the email signature be part of your healthy marketing and campaign diet?   Lots of reasons, including:

When you start organizing your contacts and create an excellent signature to direct contacts to learn more about your business, you can take advantage of the 1:1, or peer-to-peer email marketing strategy. Ignoring 1:1 means ignoring one of the best practices in marketing.