The BIG Problem with Small Business Email Signatures

I ran across this great this infographic by MyCase

Got me thinking about the problem with small business email signatures, or better yet, the opportunity for small business to leverage the power of email signature management.  My rendition is not as graphically compelling, and lacks the statistics (more to come on that). But you will get the idea…

Here it goes…

Poor Design: For web design it’s below 40%? I bet it’s much worst for email signatures. Small business owners should control of their employees email signatures to enforce brand consistency…

Through proactively setting the templates for your employees and enforcing their use, you will ensure that all outbound emails will contain the right format, the right logo and the right consistency across the organization.

No Social Media Links: Over 90% of business don’t have social links on websites. So my guess is that it’s wrote on email signatures (it’s not a guess really, I’ve seen it time and time again).

A key element of administering email signature design is enforcing the inclusion of social network links. First, deciding if the signatures will only contain the company pages. Second, proactively changing the specific landing pages based on your ongoing promotions.

No Call to Action: 50% to 93% lack links on websites to contact.  This is likely not as bad in email signatures. But you would be surprised how inconsistently employees add their contacts.

Again, this would be a basic part of setting your company signature templates. You set the template, and the tool embeds the employee specific contact information. And as a result, you turn your introverted employees into extroverts.

Poor SEO: 26% of small businesses cannot be found through online searches. Use your company email signatures to promote your online presence. Proactively change the promotions based on the latest blog posts, marketing campaigns and website landing pages.

No Mobile Optimization:  So much of today’s interaction between your employees and customers is happening through mobile devices. Whether it’s email or tweets or other mobile apps. Make sure that your employees are using your email signature templates on their mobile devices as well.

No Metrics: 75% of small businesses don’t use website analytics. And I would bet my house that 100% don’t use email signature analytics either.  So as you run marketing campaigns through your employee email signatures, make sure to compare the click throughs with your website and email marketing clickthroughs.

You would be surprised how much more effective email signature campaigns tend to be, especially when you consider that open rates are not what they used to be when it comes to mass email marketing.

The key advantage that your employee emails have over generic email marketing campaigns is that employee emails arrive to their recipient inboxes as trusted emails. That means they don’t get caught in spam filters, and they are not perceived as spam.

Last but not least… No designated IT Person: well in the case of Xink, the burden on IT is next to nothing. Being a browser-based application that runs in the cloud allows companies of all sizes to create, share and manage email signatures in the same manner that Fortune 500 companies do.

Sounds great, right?  Go give it a try by signing up. Solve the problems with small business email signatures.