Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit. Sounds exciting though, right? Believe me, it is easy. That’s the whole point behind Xink, after all – it makes managing, controlling, and updating email signatures easier than ever. So much so that we basically even don’t want to write a manual, because it is not really needed.

Making it Easy to Use Existing Email Signatures

One of the biggest challenges when you control and manage email signatures for everyone in your company is the design. We have written many blog posts about this and there are all kind of challenges to consider. If you’re not yet happy with your email signature’s design, now is the time to figure it out. But what if you already have your email signature designed and just want a quick and easy way to distribute it to all of your users?

If this describes you, then you’re in luck! We listened to your concerns, and as a result, are pleased to say that we’ve launched what may be the coolest automation in email signature history!

If you want to see your existing email signature in Outlook distributed nicely to all of your users, don’t bother fiddling with the design (unless, of course, it’s horrible – then by all means, go ahead!). Because with our new automation processes, you don’t need to do much else but send directly it to your Xink account. It’s that easy. Redesigning it to make it compatible with lesser email providers is just a waste of time.

Let me explain how it works, and why it’s so brilliant. In all modesty of course…

How It Works – just an example.

It’s always easier to illustrate it by making an example. Let’s say you want to add this email signature to Xink and distribute it with all your users:


How you would do it the usual way:

  1. Click the “signatures” section in Xink and choose to “manually add a signature.”
  2. Create a signature in Xink and start editing it.
  3. Find the html code to your existing signature (if you know how to!).
  4. After you have found the code, clean it up and make it suitable for distribution.
  5. Find your logo files somewhere (this is starting to get tedious, isn’t it?).
  6. After you have found your logo files, upload them one by one.
  7. Add your uploaded logos to the signature.
  8. Add your placeholders and make sure that the fields are current and correct.
  9. Preview your signature and make sure that it looks the way that you want it to (if not, repeat the previous steps until it does).
  10. Choose to have your new signature be either optional or the default for all new messages.

You can always do it this way of course, if you really need to, but check out how easy this process is with our new automation option:

…And Now How Easy It Just became

  1. Click the “signatures” section in Xink and choose “Add existing from Outlook”. An email form will appear, leave everything as it is and click “send.”

Add Existing Signature

Your email signature is added to your Xink account! Easy, right?

In fact, there are some additional steps required, such as adding your placeholders, but the basic idea remains the same. Just send the email signature to your own Xink account. With our built-in automated service, you will see it instantly! It’s like magic! The benefits are self-evident, aren’t they?

The only thing that you have to do is rename the signature and add it your placeholders. Remember, there is no way for us to know where or what you want your names, titles, and telephone numbers to be. We haven’t yet built up a database over titles and names and a logic where we automatically can recognize what your placeholders might be. Maybe will will build this one day!

So some minor amount of work will be required on your end, but not much!

Now Start Sharing your Email Signatures!

Once you’ve added your new signature, make the most of it by adding a neat signature campaign that can be tracked and analyzed. Your email signature can and should be a marketing resource for your company – take advantage of it!

It has never been easier to distribute and share a new or existing email signature across your company. You’ll love it – so go share your email signatures now!

Voilá! Our (belated) Easter present to all of you!