This is unequivocally one of our most frequently asked questions. You can deploy to thousands of people perfectly and then there are a few stragglers who the Xink email signature app failed to work on. Today we look to cut some of those questions off at the pass so you can find quick answers to this burning question: Where did my beautiful email signature go?


Maybe you never sent them an invitation.

Each of your employees has to do a quick download of our app so it works across platforms and devices. But if your administrator forgot to email them the invitation, they, of course, can’t do the quick download. If they were added to Xink, they already received an invitation from us but, to resend an invitation, open a user’s context menu and select ‘Send Invitation Email‘.


Did they check their Spam?

Xink has a pretty good track record as being recognized as a valuable not-spam source by major email providers like Outlook and Gmail, but your employee may have upped her spam filters. That’d be the first place I’d check. Of course, most spam and junk folders delete after ten days, so also good to take ten seconds to re-invite them following the previous step.


Maybe they straight up ignored you.

Maybe the employee just didn’t prioritize your email and thus didn’t install this Xink. Ask them to search their email for the subject line: ‘You are invited by ADMIN NAME’. Again probably easier to resend them invitation before reminding them to do it.


But wait, did they uninstall it?

Xink was made so anyone in the company can take ownership of this branding consistency and marketing opportunity in your email footer. But, like with any new business software implementation, it needs to be communicated well, not only with the employees who will see this lovely change at the bottom of their emails, but with IT, so they don’t delete it. Similarly, some enterprising well-intended colleagues will go the extra mile to try to clean up their desktops or devices and end up uninstalling. If this happens–you guessed it–send them another invitation so they can reinstall.


Other reasons you don’t get a Xink-ified beautiful email signature?

Well, really this should be your first step but you should check that you have their email address put incorrectly. Since most of our clients are importing contacts from things like Azure Active Directory, it’s important to check this because you may need to update it at the source, so you make sure your colleague isn’t missing anything important!

And when you make an update, don’t forget to check your Xink Dashboard out to make sure that they received the update.


Do you have any more questions?

Check out our extensive Knowledge Base, scrolling through or asking a question. Still don’t have your question answered there?  Contact us or ping us on LiveChat.