It is true, we do know everything about email signatures (or at least more than anybody else). Why? Because we’re kind of obsessed with this ever-important detail in email marketing. Over the years we have helped you, our customers, with thousands of email signature designs, email signature marketing campaigns, and email signature templates, making it all available for millions of users and readers around the world.

All with the use of email signatures, the most overlooked marketing channel.

email signature branding ebook

During the next months, we will share our wealth of knowledge with you in a series of email signature eBooks. We start with the first book Email Signature Branding covering the very basis of why having central control over your email signatures is so important to your brand.

Later on, we’ll release eBooks covering:

The books are written by our own great email signature marketing guru Jennifer Riggins.

Get your own copy now!

And do you have tips to add from your own email signature branding experiences? Comment below or tweet to us @XinkInc because, like with all things related to marketing, it’s always evolving and there’s always more to learn!