Best Professional Email Signature Examples

The email signature space is becoming a more and more attractive platform to highlight your company brand, share news about events and awards – and even seasonal promotions – and, of course, share contact details and photos of the employee sending the email. We’ve collected some of the best professional email signature examples from our perspective – and inspired by our clients. They’re all different but highlight various customization options in a styled, professional manner.

With management software like Xink, you can customize your business email signatures as you please. Would you like a different design for C-level management to support staff? Would you like your employees to highlight achievements in their email signatures?

How you want to do it is, of course, completely up to you. It’s all a matter of taste and instinct. And of course, what industry you’re in. With that being said, here are some approaches that might work for your company.

1. The elegant and stylish corporate approach

Sleek design, a tasteful color palette, and nothing that screams “buy me” or “click here.” Perfect for a differentiated email signature for the management level, which communicates to a different audience than sales or support staff in the organization.


A sleek email signature design with image and disclaimer text.

Best email signature example C-level

A simple and brand-aligned professional email signature design with just contact details and logo.

Corporate email signature example

And with a few more details such as a headshot and links to social media. 

2. The fresh, creative, and original approach

Let your email signatures reflect what industry sphere you’re in! Are you in a highly creative environment? Maybe a marketing agency or an educational front-runner? Then inspire your audience with your creativity and ideas.

Email Signature Examples Video

Add a link to a video where an employee talks about the company or explains a specific issue relevant to the receiver.

Email Signature Examples Creative

Include an attention-getting, fun or surprising image – but keep it relevant and professional. 

3. The personal and engaging approach

Put a friendly face on and invite your audience to meet and engage with you via your email signature. You can also let your employees show off their accomplishments and (personal) awards, along with personal links to social media.

Best Professional Email Signature Examples

A good employee photo, an informal sign-off, and an invitation to meet at your next conference. 

Email Signature example blog

Engage your audience with a link to subscribe to your blog.

4. The all-in marketing approach

You can take advantage of the space beneath your contact details by conveying a marketing message or a call-to-action.

Best email signature PACK&SEND

Use your email signature for marketing your product via client testimonials like PACK & SEND.

Best email signature Black Friday

A cosmetic brand uses seasonal marketing banners in the email signature for its Black Friday campaign. 

Let your email signatures reflect your brand!

Make sure your email signatures reflect your company brand in the best possible way. It is a very effective yet low-cost way to raise brand awareness and increase traffic to your website. Read our Email Signature Design Guide for more inspiration on how to create a perfect email signature for your company. Our 101 do’s and don’ts guide has also become a classic, and you will find all you need to know about email signatures there. Happy emailing!

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