The Xink Advent Calendar 2018 – December 24 – Email in 2017

In 2017 the email client landscape for businesses was led by Microsoft and Google with Office 365 and G Suite.   Cloud vs. Exchange Server Microsoft released Exchange 2017 but it seemed like the world didn’t want on-premises Exchange servers anymore. First of all, it is difficult to maintain the same level of security in […]

The Xink Advent Calendar 2018 – December 23 – Email in 2016

Outlook:mac 2016 was released this year. The UI was even more Windows’ish than before. Email signature capabilities were exactly the same as the previous version but the overall user experience was improved with every release. This release was particularly good!   Best Email Apps for Businesses The best email clients (apps) in 2016 were probably Outlook […]

The Xink Advent Calendar 2018 – December 22 – Email in 2015

In 2015 lots and lots of email apps for smartphones were available, each of them with their own unique proposition. Just to name a few of these (in unprioritized order): OWA, Inbox, CloudMagic, Gmail, Mailbox, Molto, Seed Mail, and many others. No wonder it is difficult to maneuver around and figure out which email app […]

The Xink Advent Calendar 2018 – December 21 – Email in 2014

In 2014, Office 365 and G Suite seriously started to gain traction in the email world. At the same time, companies started to realize that moving the old email setups to the cloud was both the future and more secure than the data centers established by themselves.   Outlook:mac 2014 – A Great Improvement Microsoft launched […]

The Xink Advent Calendar 2018 – December 20 – Email in 2013

The email scene in 2013 was interesting. Now the world of email was really getting somewhere! Microsoft released Office 2013 which included Exchange 2013. This contained significant improvements to Exchange 2010.  One of the improvements was the possibility to add a disclaimer at the bottom of the email. In reality, it was useless but at […]

The Xink Advent Calendar 2018 – December 19 – Email in 2012

Things were going fast in the world of email in 2012. Hotmail was the most popular email service in the world, for both consumer and business communication. Office 365 was taking off and it was evident that billions were thrown after this platform for businesses. Yahoo ranked second and Gmail came in third place. However, […]

The Xink Advent Calendar 2018 – December 18 – Email in 2011

2011.. THE year of email – Office 365 was officially released! The online cloud version of Exchange was finally online after a lot of beta testing with many customers. Google actually released their Google Apps for Business before Office 365 so this started the race between the two giants. Google Apps for Business later changed the name […]

The Xink Advent Calendar 2018 – December 17 – Email in 2010

2010 really was a great year in the history of email clients! The long-awaited upgrade to Exchange Server arrived which was then called Exchange Server 2010. It was complemented by a great Office release: Office 2010 which included Outlook 2010. This is probably one of the most used email clients ever and is still used around […]

The Xink Advent Calendar 2018 – December 16 – Email in 2009

Email programs in 2009 were still a bit clunky to set up. The by far most popular email clients were still Outlook 2000, 2003 and 2007. An impressive percentage of around 5% were iPhone emails on iPhone 1 and 2, although mostly consumer emails and not business emails. But this number was far higher than […]

The Xink Advent Calendar 2018 – December 15 – Email in 2008

Macbooks were getting widely popular in 2008 and also in the business world. This posed some challenges to IT departments on how to maintain Macs securely and in an easy way.   Release of Outlook:mac  This was the year of the release of Office:mac, also called Office 2008. Mac releases often come a year after an […]