Email Signature Analytics

If you can’t measure it, it’s not modern marketing. There’s no doubt, while investment is funneled constantly toward the sales team and often to R&D, marketing departments continue to have to fight for their budgets, needing more and more evidence to give credence to their value.  It used to be that the only number that […]

How Did Hotmail Get 12M Subscribers in 2 Years? Via the Email Signature of Course!

Anyone who is old enough to remember the 1990s knows that it was an exciting time for the Internet. Every day, new browsers, email providers, and search engines appeared out of nowhere. It was a time when most people received email through AOL, accessed the Internet using Netscape, and “searched” for information on a very […]

Why Choose Xink? Part Six: Signature Campaigns

To properly leverage email signatures for marketing purposes, it is important that you approach the process with specific goals in mind. Ask yourself: What is it that you want to promote or advertise? Once you have determined your strategy, Xink is there to help. With a number of email marketing campaign services rolled into our […]

Hey Marketers, is email dead?

Hello my fellow marketeers, This is an open letter to say, whether we like it or not, email is not dead. Not even close. According to a 2014 Email Statistics report, each employee sends and receives on average 121 emails a day, and this is expected to grow to 140 emails a day by 2018. […]

Email marketing expert tips to follow in 2016, from the top to the bottom

Today we offer you a list of must-follow email marketing experts on Twitter. And we won’t even do that, we’re going to share with you a glimpse into their awesomeness, offering you their email marketing expert tips so your business can kick ass in 2016! Reuse and Recycle! What should be the first rule of […]

59 Great Email Campaign Pay-offs for Your Email Signature

59 Great Email campaign Pay-offs for Your Email Signature Your email signature represents valuable real estate, you already know that. Think about it: if your organization is like most, more people see your company’s email messages on a daily basis than any other piece of marketing material. Unless you’re Coca-Cola or Apple (and if you […]

Email Signature Marketing to the Rescue

Email is a marketing workhorse, there’s no doubt about that. However, the deliverability rates for mass email blasts is on the decline. For many marketing teams looking for new ways to ensure their messages are reaching prospects, the email signature block is being used to deliver those important marketing messages.

Generate Qualified Leads via Your Email Signature

Generating and nurturing leads is the lifeblood of any business. It’s top of mind for everyone, and all team members are always looking for ways to generate and convert more leads. Here’s things to think about when looking to generate quality leads via your email signature block.

19 Tools To Increase Your Email Marketing Performance

Email is one of the few marketing channels that has been around practically since the inception of the internet because it continues to adapt at a rapid pace. The people who run effective email campaigns do so, in large part, because they understand these fundamental changes and can give their readers what they want. We looked at 19 tools that we felt are game changers for email marketing.