Social Links in Business Email Signatures

How can you use everyday emails to get more followers and invite your audience to engage with your business on other platforms? With your email signature of course! Make it easy for your email audience to learn more about your brand with social links in business email signatures. Link to your company’s social channels – YouTube, […]

Timed Marketing Content

In this fourth post of the series Engaging Content for Email Signatures, we take a look at timed marketing content in signatures. This is a great feature when you plan your marketing year. You can schedule marketing banners for selected employees well in advance (a year, several months, three weeks, four days…) of an event, a […]

What is Email Signature Marketing?

Do your company email signatures (still!) only include employee contact details and a logo? Then perhaps it’s time to start exploring the marketing opportunities of email signatures! But what is email signature marketing exactly? Basically, it is a marketing campaign, or “banner” if you will, that you add to the email signature below the contact details. […]

Shared Brand Identity, Your Email Signature & How They Align

A company’s brand is an integral part of the shared identity between employees. To feel and look like they’re all part of a greater whole – the company – has a psychological effect that should not be underestimated. Branded apparel, stationary, and marketing materials can all contribute to this feeling of unity. But this shared […]

Smartphone, Desktop or Tablet? Where do you Check Your Work Emails?

Smartphone, Desktop or Tablet? Where do you Check Your Work Emails? If you prefer to check your work emails on your desktop computer and your personal emails on your smartphone, then you fall right into the trend behavior of how most people prefer to check their inboxes. While desktop is still the preferred device to […]

Email Signature Branding – Expert Tips

Email Signature Branding – Answers to All Your Questions Branding. What a hot buzzword with a lot of room for correct and less correct definitions. You can put pretty much any word in front of branding and get yourself a viral article on HuffPost or Mashable. Why? Well, first, it’s because these sites have phenomenal […]

Xink moves Email Signatures for Office 365 to Public Beta

We are pleased to announce that our email signature solution for Office 365 – aptly titled ‘Email Signatures for Office 365’ and designed for mobile users and companies that utilize third-party applications which don’t support inline email signatures – is now in Public Beta testing. Sure, we have always supported Office 365 (in fact, Xink is built […]

Why Choose Xink? Part Eight: Quick Setup

We want you and your team to start using Xink immediately – that’s why we host it in the cloud. There is no need for IT and no software to manage. In fact, getting Xink up and running can take as little as 20 minutes! Our email setup process is quick and easy. Stop worrying […]

Why Choose Xink? Part Seven: Support, Support, Support

With any software or online application, it is important to offer the customer a lifeline should he or she get lost, have questions, or run into issues. Well, worry not, because Xink offers dedicated email support to ensure that you and your team are always up and running. Email Support – We’ve Got You Covered […]