Email Signature Integration with Xink

The value of a great email signature web portal becomes even more clear when you see exactly what you can do with your company email signatures across platforms. Integrations are important features for successful email signature management because it enables companies to work across different platforms and systems without having to worry about brand control […]

Introducing Campaign Monitor Template Integration with Xink

Campaign Monitor Template Integration with Xink is just Brilliant! Why is it a great idea for Xink to offer template integration with Campaign Monitor, the automated email campaign software? Well, we think that there are two very good reasons, actually. To use Xink as the template for storage and editing of email campaigns. This way […]

Xink Launches Zendesk Email Signature Integration!

Need Help with Zendesk Email Signatures? Xink Integrations will manage it for you. Xink already offers integration support for Office 365, Apple Mail, Salesforce, Google Apps, and Outlook on the Web and many others. Our newest integration is Zendesk, one of the preeminent names in the world of customer support software. Xink makes Zendesk email […] Integration a Huge Success!

You may not realize it, but Xink has offered integration for the last two years. The reasons for this are many. For one, we pride ourselves on supporting multiple integrations, so that our users can customize Xink to fit their needs. And as Salesforce is a hugely popular CRM platform, it only makes sense to […]

Xink Releases Full Integration with G Suite Global Directory

Xink fully supports – and integrates with – your G Suite Directory. This means that all user information, including names and email addresses, will be automatically replicated and transferred over to Xink. This allows you to seamlessly leverage your existing database information in our email signature management program.   When you add new users to your G […]

Xink Launches Exchange Connector

Xink Exchange Connector Essentially, Xink’s Exchange Connector is built around a single goal: ensuring that email signatures are being added to emails properly when customers have their own Exchange Servers.  We do this by supporting Exchange servers on-premises via the cloud and using our own API to integrate with your Exchange Server. This lets you manage email […]

Xink API 101: An Introductory Course on Xink Integrations

API 101: Email Integrations and More! If you’re a regular visitor to this blog, you may have noticed that Xink API is a common topic of discussion (if you’re not a regular visitor, don’t worry – we’ll provide links!). The reason for this is simple: our API not only makes Xink Integrations possible, it makes […]

ADExport 101 – Integrating On-premises AD with Xink

ADExport 101 – Integrating On-premises AD with Xink At Xink, our mission is to make your job easier. Whether you work in marketing or IT, our platform is designed around ease of use. For this reason, Xink allows users to integrate with their on-premises Active Directory when distributing emails. By integrating with your Active Directory, you can use […]

IT Manager, Why is Your Active Directory Never Up-to-Date?

It’s quite obvious who I’m speaking to in this blog post. If you have your Active Directory (AD) information completely under control, then I salute you as you’ve done your job! It’s the other IT managers and administrators I’m after here and let me tell you why… As an IT manager or administrator, keeping your IT […]

Email Apps for Mobile Devices – a Review with “Email Signature” Eyes

Email Apps for Mobile Devices — Review from a Branding Perspective This article has been a lot of fun to write, even if it’s taken quite some time due to the number of tests I’ve run. As part of my research for this post, I have tested all kinds of email apps, on all kinds of different platforms and […]