Internal Email Signatures

Email signatures are not just for external use. Especially if you run a large corporation or business, you can use the company email signatures for internal use, too. Internal email signatures can be a great channel to share internal news, achievements, competitions, etc. within your company. Furthermore, is it a good idea to have a […]

Make Email Signatures Conform to Company Policy

You want all staff email signatures to follow your brand guidelines. You also want to make sure that they include the right information according to your company policy, industry, location, etc. Every time, also on mobile devices. What can you do?   Take the Task Away From Your Employees Your company may have an email […]

Xink Brand or Xink Campaign – Which One Do I Choose?

Xink is an email signature platform. But what does that really mean and what are the possibilities and opportunities this gives you? Get the full overview of our two email signature options: Xink Brand or Xink Campaign. This will help you decide which option is the best fit for your company’s needs.   Email Signature […]

Consistent and Compliant Email Signatures – Without Involving The Employees!

Email signatures. Nowadays all employees have them – no matter if they work for a large or small company. Name, title, contact details, company logo – and perhaps even links to the company website and social platforms. So far so good. But if you work within the fields of for example HR/Communications/Marketing/Compliance, this may sound […]

Xink at a Glance: Your Guided Tour of the Platform

Xink is an incredibly powerful platform for email signature management and marketing. Dare we say it, it’s also incredibly easy to use, thanks to an intuitive interface and user-friendly dashboard. Whether you want to create a new email signature, add employees to the system, or set up a fully automated email signature marketing campaign, Xink […]

Gaining Individual Control in Xink

  With Xink, individual control is the name of the game. This extends not only to your administrators, but to an extent, your users as well. Though our goal is to simplify email signature management, we understand that in many cases, you can’t simply push one email to all users. That is why we let […]

6 Email Signature Facts for IT and Marketing Decision-Makers

IT and Marketing professionals are the typical decision-makers when it comes to finding a clever way to manage company email signatures. But if you have a different background, do not hold yourself back! The Xink platform is intuitive and user-friendly – from set-up to daily management of signatures and campaigns. You don’t need any technical […]

Professional Email Signature Management

You spend a lot of time and resources paying for the design and production of antiquated business cards, letterhead, company stationery. Who sends letters anymore anyway? When it comes down to it, a big part of your branding management shows up in everyone’s inbox. One of the best ways to remind your current clients of […]