Xink Admin App for iPhone – Email Signature Dashboard on iPhone!

Download Xink Admin App for your iPhone Today Imagine that you want to have a quick glance at your email signature statistics and how your campaigns perform. Usually you would log on to Xink by using your web browser but why not use the Xink Admin app for your iPhone instead? To install it, search for […]

G Suite Email Signatures – Gmail app on iPhone and Android

Google’s Gmail mobile app can be used to access a personal Gmail account or the company’s new G Suite suite of products (formerly Google Apps for Work). Google claims that… With G Suite, information can flow freely between devices, apps, people and teams, so great ideas never get left in the margins again. But is it really that […]

BYOD and Email Signatures – How Does it Work?

BYOD and Email Signatures – How Does it Work? The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) phenomenon has transformed the way that people work. There are now no barriers to when, where, or how people can send emails, check the progress of a project task, or stay informed on work issues. Though this is proving to […]

Email Apps for Mobile Devices – a Review with “Email Signature” Eyes

Email Apps for Mobile Devices — Review from a Branding Perspective This article has been a lot of fun to write, even if it’s taken quite some time due to the number of tests I’ve run. As part of my research for this post, I have tested all kinds of email apps, on all kinds of different platforms and […]

Adding HTML Email Signatures to the Native iPhone Email App

Adding HTML Email Signatures to the Native iPhone Email App This blog post is a bit of an outsider when compared to our regular article topics, but I wrote it because I feel that it can be incredibly useful for those who do not need central control over email signatures, but still need a nice […]

Sent from my Apple Watch? What is your Apple Watch Email Signature Exactly?

Apple Watch Email Signature – “Sent From My Apple Watch”? Or What? The latest in wearable technology, the Apple Watch is a bit of a curiosity. As with all Apple products, there was a roaring clamor for the Apple Watch before it was even available for purchase. This is not a blog post about if […]