Mac OS Sierra, Meet Xink! Xink, Meet OS Sierra!

At Xink, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of, well, everything and anything related to emails. So it will perhaps come as no surprise that Xink fully integrates with Apple’s brand-new OS Sierra operating system. You might not have made the upgrade yourself, at least not yet, but we have made certain that […]

Apple Mail Email Signatures now fully supported on Mac OS ‘El Capitan’

Apple Mail email signatures supported on Mac OS ‘El Capitan’ with Xink And you can even see the email signature while you’re composing the email.  No rerouting! Yet another cool announcement from Xink – we have updated our Mac app to support Apple Mail email signatures also! You only need to be running the latest Mac OS […]

Email Apps for Mobile Devices – a Review with “Email Signature” Eyes

Email Apps for Mobile Devices — Review from a Branding Perspective This article has been a lot of fun to write, even if it’s taken quite some time due to the number of tests I’ve run. As part of my research for this post, I have tested all kinds of email apps, on all kinds of different platforms and […]

Manage Email Signatures for Mac

Manage Email Signatures for Mac Apple adoption in the corporate setting is rampant. The consumerization of IT, along with the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement, has seen Macs become more widely accepted in corporate IT departments than ever before. And this is due in part to the popularity of Apple devices across all spectrums […]

Mac Email Signatures – Legitimize Macs in the Workplace!

Mac Email Signatures – Legitimize Macs in the Workplace! You don’t have to feel e-naked (or is it iNaked?) anymore when wearing a Mac! Just a few years back, if you were using a Macbook in a coffee shop or library, everyone would have assumed “graphic designer” or “pays a heavy premium for aesthetics”. There […]