Xink to Focus Exclusively on Fax Signatures and Printed Letters in the Future

At Xink, we pride ourselves on being a part of the cutting edge. We stay well abreast of the latest developments within the industry in order to develop products like Xink Brand and Xink Campaign. But the writing is on the wall. If Twitter, BuzzFeed, Facebook, and the YouTube comments section have taught us anything, […]

Patent Granted: Unique New Technology for Handling Images in Emails

How does this sound to you when we talk about images in emails: Never right-click to open images in emails Never risk your email gets caught by a spam filter because you include images in emails Never again see a “red x” instead of your images in emails This will all be possible with Xink’s […]

Xink is Now Used in 41 U.S. States – Now We’re going for the Rest!

With the presidential primaries underway, that great American tradition of campaigning state-by-state has begun. Candidates on both sides of the aisle are checking off one state at a time, traveling by bus, train and plane, in order to win over as many constituents as they can, so that come November, their name comes out on […]

Email Compliance is a Breeze… with the Right Tools

Email compliance is important for a number of reasons. Perhaps most importantly, because your industry or profession may be regulated or governed by laws and regulations which your company is required to adhere to. If you fall afoul of these regulations or fail to comply in some manner, you could potentially leave yourself or your […]

Xink Gets New Roles Capability for IT and Marketing Administrators

Discover Role-based Access Control We’re happy to announce that we have rolled out an all-new role-based access control functionality. This new capability gives Xink administrators (IT departments and Marketing departments) greater control over who can access, change, or view Xink services within an organization. Why would you want this? Well, let us explain. Different Permissions for […]

Xink Release: Email Signature Campaign Rules and a No-nonsense Editor

Xink Release: Email Signature Campaign Rules and a No-nonsense Editor Campaign rules continue to be a successful way to run different email marketing campaigns across different departments. Here’s what a Campaign Rule can look like: If Division = “Sales New York” then add signature campaign “New York Promotion” in December on all email signatures in “New York” Now, this works […]

Apple Mail Email Signatures now fully supported on Mac OS ‘El Capitan’

Apple Mail email signatures supported on Mac OS ‘El Capitan’ with Xink And you can even see the email signature while you’re composing the email.  No rerouting! Yet another cool announcement from Xink – we have updated our Mac app to support Apple Mail email signatures also! You only need to be running the latest Mac OS […]

Announcement: A/B Test Your Email Signature Campaigns with Xink

Announcement: A/B Test Your Email Signature Campaigns! It’s an age-old problem. How do you know if your marketing campaign is effective if you have nothing to compare it to? Without a baseline or comparable alternative, you’re simply throwing shots in the dark. Sure, your campaign may be yielding results, but is it yielding the results […]

Office 2016 Email Signatures are Fully Supported for Windows and Mac with Xink

Office 2016 fully supported by Xink Office 2016 has just been released by Microsoft and we are pleased to announce our Xink update as well for 100% Office 2016 support on Windows and Mac. This blog post is not a review of Office 2016, but I will get you the heads-up on how to upgrade. How to get the […]