Social Links in Business Email Signatures

How can you use everyday emails to get more followers and invite your audience to engage with your business on other platforms? With your email signature of course! Make it easy for your email audience to learn more about your brand with social links in business email signatures. Link to your company’s social channels – YouTube, […]

Increase Followers on Social Media via Your Email Signature

Increase followers on Social media.. Have you ever thought on how to achieve this via your email signatures? Are you still looking to broaden your audience and expand your reach? Here’s one that you might have overlooked – your email signature. Example of how to include social media icons in a professional email signature. In […]

Email Signature Infographics and the Story Behind

Over the years we have produced a lot of email signature infographics here at Xink. It was (and is) a simple yet funny way to show a feature, process or the idea behind various feature in Xink. Now we don’t use infographics so much anymore and you all ask for videos and other ways to […]

Growing Your Community via the Email Signature

Growing Your Community via the Email Signature There seem to be thousands of guides on “easy ways” to increase your followers on major social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Yet people are forgetting one of the small but powerful social media tools – your company’s email signatures. The name of the social media […]

Looking to Grow your Company’s Social Media Presence?

Has your business completed every tip out there and you still find that your social media presence isn’t what it should be? Here’s one thing that you might have overlooked – the email signature. Yes, the humble email signature, that space at the bottom of every email that you send. Drive Traffic to Your Social […]

Email Signature Campaigns Explained in 5 Minutes

          Email Signature Campaigns Explained in 5 Minutes You can call this a tutorial or a webinar – at least it is a 5 minute explainer on how to use email signature campaigns in your email signatures for marketing purposes. The email signature block is quickly becoming a heavily relied upon […]