Headshot in Email Signature

In this third post of the series Engaging Content for Email Signatures, we look at when and how to use a photo or headshot in email signature designs. Is it a good idea at all? Will you run into problems if you demand that all staff signatures should include a headshot per default? And can you […]

Five Simple Tips to Create Happy Holidays Email Signature

A happy holidays email signature is an excellent opportunity for your company to market itself and its products. It can increase your brand consistency, promote your latest content, and can widen your social media reach if used well. It can also increase the ROI of your crucial marketing campaigns. Post written by guest blogger Daniela McVicker.    […]

How to Sign Off in Business Emails

Have you got a guideline for professional email etiquette in your company? Or do you leave it to your employees to figure out how to sign off in business emails? There are many considerations to take when it comes to deciding how to balance formal vs. informal email communication as well as cross-cultural differences. The […]

Departmental Email Signatures with Xink

Departmental Email Signatures – Let your departments have their own brand and marketing campaigns! It is often a wish in larger companies to have each department control their own email signatures. So while it is nice to have all email signatures controlled from one place with Xink, you can also take it one step further. […]

Xink Explained – An Infographical Walkthrough

Xink Explained (with Pictures!) Many of Xink’s most common user scenarios can easily be explained or resolved with a visual guide. Of course, in other cases, only a well thought-out and robust written resource will suffice. That is why we happily provide eBooks, videos, and infographics to our users (in addition to a wide range of FAQ tutorials, on […]

3 Tips for a Stronger Email Signature CTA (Call-to-action)

Email Signature CTA? What is this really? At Xink, we have seen many examples of email signature campaigns that rely on directives like “Click here” and “Read more” to incentivize readers to action – we’re here to tell you that this tactic is wrong! Why? Because such orders don’t tell recipients what you really want […]

How to Let Users Decide the Content in Their Email Signatures

In many cases, an email signature that is appropriate for one employee might not be for another. A CEO may want to link to his or her Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube accounts because those accounts would be tied to the company’s brand identity itself, but nobody wants someone’s cat-dominated Instagram connected to that same brand in an email […]

Where Did My Beautiful Email Signature Go?

This is unequivocally one of our most frequently asked questions. You can deploy to thousands of people perfectly and then there are a few stragglers who the Xink email signature app failed to work on. Today we look to cut some of those questions off at the pass so you can find quick answers to this […]

Free eBooks: We Know Email Signatures, Now You Can Too!

It is true, we do know everything about email signatures (or at least more than anybody else). Why? Because we’re kind of obsessed with this ever-important detail in email marketing. Over the years we have helped you, our customers, with thousands of email signature designs, email signature marketing campaigns, and email signature templates, making it […]