Email signatures. Nowadays all employees have them – no matter if they work for a large or small company. Name, title, contact details, company logo – and perhaps even links to the company website and social platforms. So far so good.

But if you work within the fields of for example HR/Communications/Marketing/Compliance, this may sound familiar to you:

  1. You discover that the email signatures across your company are not consistent or compliant.
  2. Then you ask your co-workers to change their email signatures according to the guidelines you’ve shared with them.
  3. After a fair amount of time, you find out that little – or nothing – is done about it. You need to reach out to co-workers to remind them of updating their signatures again and again. Overly time-consuming – and quite annoying for everyone.

Why is this not possible without involving the employees? It is! With an email signature management platform like Xink, you can manage all email signatures on behalf of your company. You never have to involve employees and you can rest assured that all information in the email signatures is automatically updated from your company Active Directory and consistent across platforms and devices.

Free your employees from updating their own email signatures!

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A Customer Case

The other day I spoke to a friend of mine who works at a trading company with different companies in the group. He mentioned that the Compliance department in his company had recently sent an email out to all employees with a request to follow the company branding rules in their email signatures. The brief asked employees to manually change their email signatures according to the brand they worked for. The employees must use the appropriate email signature to make it clear to the recipient which company in the group sent the email.

The Pain Points of Trying to Get Employees to Update Signatures

My friend told me that it had been quite a hassle to get everyone to make the correct adjustments or even act upon the request, mainly because:

After our conversation, I asked my sales team to jump on a call with my friend and his colleagues. After a short demo, they decided to get a free trial of Xink. I checked in with my friend after a few weeks to ask how they found everything – and they were very happy with the new, centralized way to manage the employee email signatures. No more inconsistencies, no more employee involvement. And they have now started to push out marketing campaigns in the signatures, too!


Want Compliant Email Signatures?

If you can relate to some of the above, why not try to see if Xink would be a good fit for your company? This is especially relevant to you if your company is an Office 365 or G Suite user! So get consistent and compliant email signatures today – give Xink a try for 14 days – it’s FREE!

If you have any questions please reach out to us! We’re always happy to help.