FAQ - G Suite (Gmail)

Which signature is applied in Gmail?

The default signature in Xink will be used as your Gmail signature. The default signature is set up in Xink either as company default, by rules or individually set for each employee.

Can we add logos and social link logos in the signature in Gmail?

Yes you can. The images you add in Xink will follow the signature to Gmail. The signature will be visible in Gmail when you compose the email.

Is Super Admin necessary in G Suite to deploy signatures for all users?

No. We only need the super admin ID and not the password. We never ask for the password. We need only the super admin ID (ID is the same as email).

Can we use multiple signatures in Gmail?

No. It is not possible in Gmail yet to choose between more signatures when composing the email in Gmail in your browser.

Can we use multiple domains in Gmail?

No. Only if you use two different Xink accounts you can use multiple domains. You cannot use multiple domains with one Xink account.

Can we use aliases in Gmail?


Can I use Xink with my personal Gmail?

You can use Xink with Gmail in connection with G Suite. We do not support personal Gmail accounts.

Do we store any passwords?

No we do not store any passwords. We ask only for the ID of an account with super admin rights, nothing more.

Do we need to enter Super Admin credentials in Xink?

No. Xink only asks for an email which has Super Admin rights in your G Suite account, nothing else. Super Admin passwords are never entered in Xink. We only need the email address to verify who has access to the retrieve the signatures stored in Xink.

How are permissions to Xink granted?

Permissions granted to Xink service controlled in Google’s panel described in this support article. Admin rights are not grated to Xink.

Will I be able to see the signature with our company logo in my Gmail?

Yes you will be able to see your signature when composing the email in Gmail. You will see your company logo only if you have added it to your design.

Who is updating the signatures for all Gmail users in G Suite?

Xink does not have access to update the signatures for each Gmail user. The updates are made by the Super Admin user i G Suite completely outside the Xink environment.

Which fields are mapped when synchonizing Google Directory?


Xink field name Google Directory field name
mail email
displayName fullName
givenName givenName
sn familyName
jpegPhoto thumbnailPhotoUrl
telephoneNumber phones[].value
company organizations[].name
title organizations[].title
department organizations[].department
url websites[].value
co addresses[].country
postalCode addresses[].postalCode
st addresses[].region
streetAddress addresses[].streetAddress
extendedAddress addresses[].extendedAddress
l addresses[].locality

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"With Xink, we’re able to execute signature updates and new campaigns with ease, knowing we’ll always have a consistent customer-facing experience."
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"With Xink, we’re able to execute signature updates and new campaigns with ease, knowing we’ll always have a consistent customer-facing experience."
- Tim Buchanan