2003 was a very good year in the history of email clients. The big release Outlook 2003 came out!

In fact, there were many important releases from Microsoft in 2003 where also Exchange 2003 and Windows Server 2003 came out.


Better User Interface and Improved Email Signature Capabilities!

With this new release of Outlook came a lot of interesting improvements. From an email signature perspective, the most important feature was the improvement of the way that several different email signatures were supported. It became possible to select between different signatures by right-clicking the signature field but also to use different default signatures for different accounts. And it worked brilliantly!

The “look and feel” was very different from the previous version Outlook 2002. The old left side panel was now replaced with a more updated look. The shape of the buttons set a new standard to the user interface (UI) for the years to follow.


Outlook 2003

So from an email signature perspective, Outlook 2003 was the most important release at that time. It added many daily “goodies” for the users working with this email program.


Linked or Embedded Images in Email Signatures

One thing that was introduced (which was quite annoying at the time) was the “right-click to see images” feature. As spam emails were very frequent at that time, it was necessary to do something about the increasing spam emails arriving in the inbox. One consequence of that was that linked images were not shown per default.

This had a negative influence on email signatures. Customers chose to keep the size of the emails down by linking to company logos and graphics instead of embedding them. The feature is still very present in today’s Outlook program and in many other programs and apps as well.


But all in all 2003 was a great year!


Bonus info: The social network myspace.com was founded.