2004 was the year when everyone wanted to migrate to Exchange 2003 and Outlook 2003. Emails were still not very mobile and we all lived with our stationary PCs and laptops. There was very limited wifi connection so it was still mostly stationary office work. But things were moving fast.


Mac oS, Mac oS Panther and Office 2004 for Mac

The first Mac OS was released in 2001. It was called Cheetah (version 10.0). It was extremely slow, full of bugs, not suitable for use in any way and had almost no applications to run.

Welcome to Mac 2004

But in 2004, a year after Mac OS Panther (10.3) was released, Microsoft released the first Office 2004 for Mac. Mac Mail was a built-in email client. It was very simple, it often crashed and had no email signature capabilities.


Entourage – the Email Application

Office 2004 contained the email application “Entourage 2004” (do not confuse with the Entourage drama series!).

Mac Entourage in 2004

Entourage was nicely designed but was a bizarre mix of Microsoft style and Mac style. The interface was clunky but yet it worked. It did, in fact, have an email signature capability but by far not as good as on Outlook 2003.

Entourage lived until 2010 where it was replaced by Outlook 2011 for Mac.


Bonus info: Facebook started in February. Yes, it is not more than 14 years ago!

Gmail was launched this year too! This is how Gmail looked back then.


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