Emails were moving to mobiles with rapid pace in 2005. The main suppliers of mobile phones to the business world back then were Blackberry, Symbian, and Microsoft. Especially Blackberry and Windows phones were popular with enterprises.


Windows Mobile 5.0

Microsoft was in a good shape in 2005 with the Windows Mobile phones. The Windows Mobile 5.0 was released this year and it looked pretty awesome. This is how the interface looked:

Windows Phone 5.0 interface


Windows Mobile 5.0 followed the Windows Mobile 2003 which was really not that good. Microsoft came with an Office package for Mobile but there was no Outlook program in this package so you had to stick to the built-in email program on the phone. The email app was rather terrible but did the job. Sadly, it had no email signature capabilities.


Blackberry Phones with Good Email Capabilities

Blackberry was growing like crazy and had a good market share with enterprises due to its phones with a real keyboard that seemed to be ‘the thing’ in 2005. Back then everyone held their Blackberry phones with two hands so they could write with both hands. The email capabilities of the Blackberry was pretty good and it has a decent email signature capability.

Blackberry Phone in 2005

Blackberry had some great apps and companies started to build apps for Blackberry phones way before anyone even thought of Apple’s App Store.

Bonus info: Symbian’s market share of the mobile market at the end of 2005 was 58% and Microsoft’s just below 20%.

Email in 2003

Email in 2002