2007 was maybe one of the bigger in the history of email. The first iPhone was released! It was not so much about the iPhone itself. Obviously, it was an interesting new device that started a completely new era and we started calling the capable phone a ‘smartphone’.


“An Email Machine”

It is particularly interesting because Steve Ballmer laughed at this phone and called it essentially useless because it was not a “capable email machine”. It seemed like the most important thing was not that it was a phone but that it was an email machine. The very first model was not a very capable email machine if compared to Blackberry and other smartphones but it was just the beginning. At the time, having an iPhone as the business phone was not really an option but it developed fast and soon it became a very capable email machine.

Here is the clip where Steve Jobs launches the iPhone at MacWorld 2007. And check out Steve Ballmer’s comment on this.

It is easy to laugh at now but it is a bit sad how Microsoft tried and tried but repeatedly failed with the Windows Phone.


The Notorious “Sent from my iPhone” Text

From an email signature perspective, Apple also kick-started a new trend which was  “Sent from my iPhone”. It quickly became a status symbol to send an email with the text “Sent from my iPhone” written at the bottom of the email. First of all, it indicated that you could afford a $599 phone.  Secondly, it was brilliant marketing by Apple, hence repeating a bit of how fast Hotmail got its users by the use of the email signature.

Apple started a trend with the “Sent from my iPhone” message in the signature and soon after all kinds of other producers came out with “Sent from Galaxy”, “sent from my this and that” but Apple started all this with the iPhone.

The email client (it was not really called an ‘app’ yet) on iPhone was very poor but it improved over time (a looong time) but we will get more into this over the next few blog posts.

In summary, 2007 was a very interesting year where things really changed with emails and email signatures on mobile devices.

Bonus info: The first robot vacuum cleaner saw the light of day!


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