Macbooks were getting widely popular in 2008 and also in the business world. This posed some challenges to IT departments on how to maintain Macs securely and in an easy way.


Release of Outlook:mac 

This was the year of the release of Office:mac, also called Office 2008. Mac releases often come a year after an Office release to Windows and this was also the case here. The big Office 2007 release had been revealed the year before.

The look and feel of Outlook:mac 2008 was very different from Outlook for Windows but yet with similarities. It had improvements to email signature capabilities so it was now possible to add a different default signature to different email accounts.

Office:mac email signature


Change of Mobile Email Landscape

The launch of iPhone 1 in 2008 changed the mobile email landscape completely. We had just started to see the beginning of the email client battle. The iPhones were slowly coming into the corporate world but not with the blessing of IT departments who did not know what to do with them. However, they all had one themselves!


The Mobile App Revolution

App store was getting really interesting because of alternative email clients. The built-in email app on iPhone was very poor, but yet it worked. Vendors were starting to build decent email apps for iPhone and this was the start of the mobile email app revolution.


Bonus info: Airbnb started in August 2008


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