2011.. THE year of email – Office 365 was officially released! The online cloud version of Exchange was finally online after a lot of beta testing with many customers.

Office 365 logo 2011

Google actually released their Google Apps for Business before Office 365 so this started the race between the two giants. Google Apps for Business later changed the name to Google Apps for Work and even later to G Suite as we all know.


Web-based Email Apps

The first web-based email app was just a copy of OWA for Exchange 2010 and in all corners of Office 365, it was so obvious that it was just an Exchange server that you hooked on to. Even the process bar at the bottom of Outlook said “Connecting to Microsoft Exchange…” and using Outlook to connect to Office 365 was just as connecting to Exchange. Email signature capabilities were exactly the same as with the combo “Exchange Server + Outlook 2010”.

Office:mac 2011 also came out with a great version of Outlook for Mac. It was still a tad strange that the look’n’feel of Outlook for Mac had the Windows-style interface but it worked ok.


More email apps for smartphones saw the light of day this year. The original and native email app for iPhone was just as boring and in many ways useless for business users so there was plenty of space for an email app to pop up for the mobile devices.

Bonus info: Xink launched the first cloud based email signature integration to Office 365 which we called eMailSignature 365. The first version looked like this:


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