Things were going fast in the world of email in 2012. Hotmail was the most popular email service in the world, for both consumer and business communication. Office 365 was taking off and it was evident that billions were thrown after this platform for businesses. Yahoo ranked second and Gmail came in third place. However, this was extremely impressive knowing that Hotmail was launched in 1996 and Gmail launched in 2004.


Better User Experience with Email apps for Smartphones

Several email apps were showing up for iPhone and Android this year. This made the email experience on smartphones much better than the built-in email apps were capable of.

The native email app on iPhone was still not seeing any improvements or changes. It was still sending all new emails in plain text format, which no one understood.


The End of Email?

In 2012, there was a lot of talk about how the arrival of social media possibly would remove email as a means of communication in the very near future. In fact, it seemed like not many years down the line, there would be no more emails.

As we all know, it turned out to be the complete opposite. As of today (2018) we send and receive more emails than ever. We have just changed the way we use emails. Short, private communication has moved to Whatsapp, Facebook and all kind of other services that provide a quick communication platform with no use of email. But in business life email is more used than ever. In fact, email remains the preferred means of communication for companies.


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