The email scene in 2013 was interesting. Now the world of email was really getting somewhere!

Microsoft released Office 2013 which included Exchange 2013. This contained significant improvements to Exchange 2010.  One of the improvements was the possibility to add a disclaimer at the bottom of the email. In reality, it was useless but at least there was something.

Outlook 2013 got a new and upgraded UI and it started to look like Outlook as we know it today. Smooth and easy to set up and with a bunch of cool features like the preview message list:

Preview message email

Smart flagging for follow-up and lots of other interesting daily features:

Flagging email


Mobile Apps and The Move to the Cloud

On the mobile side, many apps started to appear as emails were rapidly moving to the smartphones. Despite the wide selection of apps in the market, it was difficult to understand the difference between all the different apps available. It seemed that everyone had their own taste and preference but a common issue for all of them was that it was almost impossible to control and manage the email signatures with ease.

Most companies now had to realize that things were moving to the cloud. Security was the main issue in question, just as it is now.


Bonus info: The battery on wheels, Tesla Model S, won the Motor Trend ‘Car of the Year 2013’.


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