In 2017 the email client landscape for businesses was led by Microsoft and Google with Office 365 and G Suite.


Cloud vs. Exchange Server

Microsoft released Exchange 2017 but it seemed like the world didn’t want on-premises Exchange servers anymore. First of all, it is difficult to maintain the same level of security in own server rooms that Office 365 has. Secondly, the maintenance of running own servers increased due to the security risk. So it seemed like everyone wanted to switch to online solutions in the cloud.

Outlook 2016 was released the year before and naturally, it integrated brilliantly with Office 365. Email signature capabilities were the same as usual: they were really good and cover the need of companies.

Outlook for iPhone was becoming the new black and this app rapidly replaced the older OWA app. With signature eyes, the OWA app contained a brilliant integration to Office 365.


Bonus info: Xink was granted a patent for a very special image technology for use in emails.


Happy Holidays from Xink!

The Xink Advent Calendar 2018 has now come to an end. We’ve looked at email history from the past 24 years, from 1994 to today. We hope you’ve enjoyed taking a walk down memory lane with us! Thank you and Happy Holidays!