Introduction to the Xink Advent Calendar 2018

Ho ho ho! 

This December is special at Xink. We have created the first Xink Advent Calendar with 24 memories of email history from the past 24 years! Each day from the 1st of December to the 24th of December we will post a new email history memory – and we hope you will enjoy the journey back in time and spend a few minutes in December on looking back at just how much email has changed in just two decades!

The Holiday season is a time for looking back in time and reminds us of good times, good traditions and to enjoy a good glass of wine and spend time with family and children. But it is also a time to look forward and wish for what you want for next year. 


A Journey Back in Time

This December we feel like taking a small journey back in time. To times when there was no Facebook or Twitter or even everyday email. To times where there was only everyday snail mail.  

So the next 24 days we will look back on 24 years of email history and remember all the great email clients and solutions as they appeared and took the World by storm. And as they appeared and disappeared again for whatever reason. 

We will look back on the whole email story starting from 1994 and all the way to 2018. It will not be a story of the evolution of emails as such but more a collection of scattered memories of how things were at that time, how we used emails, and of course how email signatures were used or not used in that époque. Email signatures are after all the pillars of Xink, as you know 🙂 

We will touch upon significant historic events such as: 

So follow the Xink Advent Calendar every day in December on our website and social media and take a trip down Email Memory Lane with us!

Xink Advent Calendar


Overview of all 24 Advent Posts

December 1: Email in 1994: The Year of The First Webmail Client

December 2: Email in 1995: The Launch of The First Office Package for Businesses

December 3: Email in 1996: Hotmail Was Released!

December 4: Email in 1997: Outlook 97 and Three Email Formats

December 5: Email in 1998: The Year of Yahoo! Mail – and Clippy!

December 6: Email in 1999: Mobile Internet and the Blackberry 850

December 7: Email in 2000: The Release of Office 2000 and Exchange 2000

December 8: Email in 2001: Internet Access or Not?

December 9: Email in 2002: Migrate to Exchange

December 10: Email in 2003: Improved Email Signature Capabilities

December 11: Email in 2004: Do You Remember Entourage?

December 12: Email in 2005: Windows Mobile and Blackberry

December 13: Email in 2006: A Year of Regulations and Disclaimers

December 14: Email in 2007: The Release of iPhone! The Email Machine

December 15: Email in 2008: The Mobile App Revolution

December 16: Email in 2009: Waiting for Something Bigger

December 17: Email in 2010: Social Media Icons in Email Signatures

December 18: Email in 2011: The Release of Office 365

December 19: Email in 2012: The End of Email?

December 20: Email in 2013: Microsoft releases Office 2013 incl. Exchange 2013

December 21: Email in 2014: Office 365 OWA

December 22: Email in 2015: Email Apps for Smartphones

December 23: Email in 2016: The Best Email Clients Apps for Business

December 24: Email in 2017: Cloud vs. Exchange Server