How Non Profits Can Increase Marketing Reach

Non profit organizations are often on the lookout for marketing tactics that can increase their reach in a cost-effective manner. One of our customers, Canadian Red Cross, uses Xink every day to help them drive awareness, support and most important, donations.

Published: 8/11/2014 by Firas Raouf

How Non Profits Can Increase their Marketing Reach

I caught up with one of our customers at the Canadian Red Cross today. He walked me through how his organization is running campaigns through the Red Cross staff throughout Canada.

That surprised me at first…really, the Red Cross runs campaigns? Non profit marketing? But why not? Just because charity organizations don’t “sell” anything, they still need to promote their cause.

They still need to promote their funding drives. They still need to promote specific ongoing relief efforts.   What also surprised me is just how sophisticated is their use of campaigns within their staff email signatures.

When they first approached us four years ago, their need was purely for brand consistency. They basically needed to have all staff conform to the signature template, the logo and format, and for some core staff the disclaimer blurb.   But soon, the marketing department started to ask for running campaigns. And once that cat was let out the bag, the use-case blossomed.

Here are some examples how non-profit organizations can leverage staff and volunteer email signatures for campaigns:

  • Fund raising campaigns: ok so this is the obvious one. Embed fund raise drives into email signatures for wider awareness. More sophisticated uses cases involve more granular fund raise campaigns, such as timed campaigns and regional specific campaigns. For example, the California chapter of your organization is running a local fund raise while the corporate office is running a national campaign. Segment the campaigns and run them through regional employee and volunteer email signatures.
  • Celebrating success: embed campaigns that celebrate your organizations success. Highlight recipients of your volunteer efforts. Celebrate your volunteers.
  • Staff and volunteer recruiting: embed recruiting campaigns to extend the reach of your recruiting efforts.

And the list goes on and on.

Is your organization involved with non profit marketing, or a creative agency that supports non profit organizations with services? Use the comments below to let us know how you’ve you been successful in non profit marketing.