Find the Email Signature Software Right for Your Business

When it comes to email signature software, it can be difficult to decide what features and functionalities are required to meet the needs of your organization. And that is because for many marketing departments and business owners, purchasing email signature software is often a one-time occurrence; businesses tend to stick to what they know once they have made their decision. We are here to:

  1. Help you decide between Xink Brand and Xink Campaign so that you can make an informed decision about your needs; and
  2. Convince you that when it comes to email signature software, sometimes it makes sense to upgrade as your business itself grows.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the similarities and differences between Xink Brand and Xink Campaign.

Xink Brand: The Foundation of Our Email Signature Management

We built Xink with people like you in mind. Xink Brand is easy to set up and run, and allows you to enforce email branding across an entire organization. This company-wide email signature management tool helps marketing teams and business owners manage email signatures with logos, distribute company-standard email signatures to employees, and guarantee a consistent experience for the recipient, every time. For branding and marketing initiatives via email, it is a tremendously helpful tool.

With cross-platform compatibility (including Office 365, Google Apps for Work, Outlook, Outlook on the Web, and Apple Mail) and browser-based administration, Xink Brand is accessible to all types of companies utilizing nearly all types of email programs. In other words, the odds are good that Xink Brand will meet your business needs right out of the gate. And yet, for some businesses, Xink Brand isn’t quite enough. For those companies, Xink Campaign makes for a compelling alternative.

Xink Campaign: Providing Unparalleled Control and Flexibility

For large organizations, companies that leverage their outbound emails for marketing and branding purposes on a regular basis, and businesses with significant outbound email volume, Xink Campaign is the obvious choice. In addition to all of the features and benefits provided with Xink Brand, our Xink Campaign email signature software offers the following:

Email Signature Marketing Channel

Xink Email Signature Software - Campaign Statistics
Xink Campaign provides a slew of analytical data.

Analytics and Insights

Granular Control

These different features and functionalities are intended for those businesses who wish to leverage their outbound emails to enforce branding and drive marketing campaigns. Xink Campaign is for marketers and business owners that realize the inherent value in email real estate. Each and every one of your company’s outbound emails is an opportunity to promote your business and its various interests – Xink Campaign is designed to let you do just that with unparalleled control.

Should You Make the Jump?

Well, ask yourself some basic questions: Do you currently or plan to in the near future utilize your company’s outbound email volume for branding and marketing? Does your organization have more than 100 email users? Are your company’s emails currently branded or uniform? Do you wish to gain invaluable insight on your company’s email recipients? Would you like to be able to target recipients by group? Would you like to be able to schedule email signature marketing campaigns?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then Xink Campaign might be right for your business. Of course, Xink Brand is a capable email signature software that will be a good fit for many, but Xink Campaign helps businesses take greater control over their email marketing and branding, which ultimately, can help drive lead generation and build revenue. And it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, either. Doesn’t that sound good to you?

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