With Xink, our goal is to provide you with a platform that makes the creation, distribution, and management of customized, branded email signatures not only feasible, but downright easy. Your email signature represents valuable marketing real estate, and leveraging this marketing space can help you promote a wide range of business interests among a captive and receptive audience. To ease your burden and make this task as intuitive as possible, Xink features centralized software management.

Centralized Software Management – Everything You Need in One

Our design brief was simple when we conceptualized Xink. Create a single interface that:

  1. Is easy to use and available across devices
  2. Gives users the ability to create, share, and manage a company’s entire email signature strategy

Xink’s centralized software management provides an integrated user experience. You and your team can create and edit HTML and text-based signatures, manage email signature marketing campaigns, decide and implement email signature assignments, and measure the effectiveness of your various email marketing initiatives. And you can do all of this from a single browser-based dashboard, available on both desktop and mobile devices. Central management makes your job that much easier!

Even More Reasons to Choose Xink

With centralized software management, control is in your hands. Whether you want to push an updated email signature to users within your organization or update and implement an email signature campaign, Xink makes doing so a breeze. We want to provide your organization with the tools needed to effectively, seamlessly, and efficiently manage your email signature campaigns. Suffice to say, we believe that Xink does just that. Still not convinced? Why not give Xink a try for yourself? It’s free!

If you would like to learn more about Xink, we’re happy to chat – send us an email and we’ll be in touch!