Email Branding – Using Your Email Signature to Build Your Brand

Your brand strategy is one of the most important parts of growing your business. There are many things you can do to effectively create and distribute your brand message, but one important piece of the brand strategy that is often overlooked is the email branding via the email signature. This valuable section of real estate is included as part of every piece of email communication your company does – why isn’t it standardized?

The email is often the first point of contact with you and your brand – and first impressions last.

Email signatures should be one of the key hubs of your brand’s image.  When you are consistent and clear with your company’s message, you create an experience for your customers and contacts that they will come to expect in every contact with your company. Email branding should be taken must more seriously.

Many companies mistakenly put the responsibility of brand management on their marketing team alone – or even IT. However, your brand’s message needs to be a part of every department, every employee, and every interaction your company makes. The name of your company should by synonymous with an idea and reputation about the products or services you provide. Email branding is here to stay.

The email signature can be an extremely effective marketing tool and email branding a way to build your brand’s professional reputation. When you build your brand, one of the most important initial steps is creating consistency across your entire Company via email branding. A centralized approach to creating and distributing your brand message will not only increase your brand’s consistency in the market, in the long run, it will also help increase conversions.

Email signatures are an excellent Tool for email branding because they are created, tacked onto the email accounts of everyone in your company, and are sent out to do their work. Every contact of your company will see the email signature. This establishes and reinforces your brand identity with every communication you send.

Branding (and hereunder email branding) comes down to every detail of your company. Email signatures should not be left out of that mix. When creating your brand marketing strategy, email signatures are a simple and effective way to translate your brand message with every communication your company makes.