In our previous articles on the topic of Why Choose Xink, we discussed the benefits of cloud hosting, the need for centralized control, and the power of design versatility. All of these features are helpful in creating and implementing new email signatures and email signature campaigns. However, to truly get the most out of your email signatures, you must be able to customize your email marketing campaign rules. No two people are alike, so being able to send different signature campaigns to different groups can help your branding initiatives tremendously. Thankfully, Xink allows you to do just that!

Set Custom Email Marketing Campaign Rules

As experts in email signatures and email signature marketing, we know firsthand that when it comes to email signature campaigns, one size does not fit all. And that is because your email recipients represent a diverse group of people – in today’s global economy, you must not only account for gender and age when crafting emails, but also different cultural backgrounds and languages. Contact information, compliance footers, photos in email signatures… all of these will inevitably vary across groups and geographies. That is why Xink allows you and your team to customize and personalize your email marketing campaign rules.

Campaign Rules

With this capability, you can constantly refine and tailor email signatures and email signature campaigns, as well as create separate campaigns for separate sub-groups. Doing so allows your business to market and brand itself with unparalleled control. How easy is it to set these rules? Well, we can say with confidence that if you’ve set up report filters in Salesforce or Hubspot, then setting up campaign rules in Xink will come naturally. If not, don’t worry – learning the basics takes no time at all!

Even More Reasons to Choose Xink

The reasons for choosing Xink don’t end here. You will find Xink to be intuitive, flexible, and incredibly powerful. Stay tuned for more of the many reasons you and your team should be using Xink for email signature management! In fact, see for yourself what Xink allows your team to accomplish: sign up for a free trial offer.

To learn more about Xink or to speak with someone on our team, simply send us an email and we’ll be in touch!