Today we offer you a list of must-follow email marketing experts on Twitter. And we won’t even do that, we’re going to share with you a glimpse into their awesomeness, offering you their email marketing expert tips so your business can kick ass in 2016!

Reuse and Recycle!

What should be the first rule of modern marketing? Reuse. Recycle. The marketing mix is all about finding ways to reuse and recycle content that you’ve already put time and money into, without angering the Google gods by duplicating. The benefit of email marketing is that—at least so far—Google isn’t tracking our emails, at least for search engine penalties. That is just one of the reasons email marketing is bigger and better than ever. The main reason though is the sheer volume of it all – even solopreneurs send about 50 emails a day. Then when you talk about companies, there’s a multiplying effect that leaves you with the ability to have millions and millions of brand impressions a day.

Subject Line is your BFF (or not)

Tamara Gielen @tamaragielen has written the guide on the most powerful part of your email—the part that gets it read or not. She kicks it off by reminding us that email is first and foremost a push marketing channel that allows us to send emails at just-the-right-time in the consumer lifecycle—“We don’t have to wait for them to come to us.”  But if they scan your email subject like and then delete or archive, you miss that moment. (This is why I never send out a newsletter without A/B testing the subject in Mailchimp first.)

Manage subscribers’ expectations

First and foremost, remember that it isn’t only rude but, in many countries, illegal to just add people to your email mailing list without their consent. This is good because that means the people that are on your list want to hear what you have to say. But it’s important to make clear upfront what they should expect when they sign up. Tamara also reminds us to make it crystal clear not only what they are signing up for but the expected benefits, content, and frequency.

She even recommends that you show potential subscribers an example of an email or the content they’ll receive once they sign up.

Pssst Psst! 

The postscript or oh-by-the-way might as well be Psst because it’s the feeling we get as we automatically lean forward in attention to reading this information at the end of an email that feels like a secret just for us. Business Casual Copywriting’s Joel Klettke @JoelKlettke told Inc that “We can’t resist reading the PS of a letter, because our experience has shown us that it’s where something important or personal is waiting for us. I fill the PS with the most crucial information I absolutely need readers to see.”

This is just one of the reminders that we shouldn’t just look at email marketing as a part of content marketing, but also as good old-fashioned letter writing.

Keep it personal!

I’ve heard that the likelihood of an email being opened can increase even 50 percent if you use the recipient’s first name. And, if you capture contact info the right way from the start, most email signature marketing tools make this quite simple to automate. But Buffer’s Kevan Lee @kevanlee has taken it to a whole new level with their “delight campaigns,” identifying those that engage most in their email campaigns and the send them some Buffer goodies.

Don’t have swag? You can wish them “Thanks for your five years as a customer!” or “Happy birthday!” These are also great folks to invite to try out new products or services—both the most loyal and the most likely to give you honest feedback.

And don’t forget, the best email marketing is to the individual anyway. If you have someone you really want to connect with, they are more likely to respond to a regular old, warm text email.

Be ready for the BYOD lifestyle!

We are bringing our own devices with us everywhere. That means we’re not only sending but receiving emails in unpredictable formats. Yes, most email marketing tools are fairly mobile-friendly—at least for receiving, not always sending—but what about the day-to-day mail more likely to get past Google’s Promotions tab?

Xink CEO Bjarne Mess @BjarneMess reminds you that your email has to work whether in HTML or plain text, from device to desktop to wearables, whether people allow for images or not. That’s why a tool like Xink makes it a mission for your email signature to work from any device to any device—no more signatures consisting of annoying attachments or embarrassing red X’s again!

Annoying newsletter pop-up works!

And now for my own tip @jkriggins, saving the first step for last—how to get subscribers. While sweepstakes and giveaways are the best way to collect emails fast, they aren’t the most responsive recipients, motivated extrinsically for a quick reward. The best people to keep engaged in the long-term conversation that newsletters enable are those that have already shown an interest in your product, namely visiting your website.

By using an annoying pop-up to allow website visitors to opt-in to your email list, you are qualifying leads for whatever you are selling. Usually, it should pop up maybe 30 to 60 seconds into viewing any page. But you need to set it up that once people have signed up or X-ed out of it, it doesn’t pop again. There’s a difference between annoying people once and acting like a younger brother who wants attention all the time—you don’t ever want your newsletter sign up to distract from other website conversions. This also means don’t put this pop-up at all on your conversion or sign-up pages—unless the newsletter sign-up is the ultimate objective of your website, don’t let it distract from your real one! 

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