We want you and your team to start using Xink immediately – that’s why we host it in the cloud. There is no need for IT and no software to manage. In fact, getting Xink up and running can take as little as 20 minutes! Our email setup process is quick and easy. Stop worrying about how to properly install software, and start putting together your custom email signatures.

Our Email Setup is a Breeze!

With Xink’s friendly and intuitive user-interface, syncing your employees’ contact information is a non-event. We are confident that you will find the entire email setup process to be easy and stress-free. Once your employees’ email addresses are synced with Xink, you can then go about creating new email signatures.

Our integrated WYSIWYG (“what you see is what you get”) editor allows you to quickly create new email signatures and campaigns, as well as edit existing ones. You can also drag and drop previous email signature designs should you have any. From there, simply publish your signatures, and you’re done! Enjoy your new branded and uniform email signatures.

And should you run into problems, worry not: we offer dedicated support.

Even More Reasons to Choose Xink

Xink can be up and running in minutes, and does not require a dedicated IT team. And that is because we don’t believe our clients should have to worry about managing software and getting it installed. You focus on the emails, we’ll focus on the application!

If you have questions, get in touch! Would you like to try Xink for your business? Try Xink for free today.